Texas A&M University
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Firehouse Percentage Night

Texas A&M University’s SAL chapter recently hosted a percentage night fundraiser at Firehouse Subs. The officers sent out a poll of many restaurants to choose from, and (more…)

El Centro College

State Fair Parade

Sigma Alpha Lambda made a great showing at the State Fair Parade in Dallas, Texas. Members walked the entire parade and (more…)

University of Iowa

Pizza and Park Night

Cleaning up College Green Park in Iowa City is a tradition for the Sigma Alpha Lambda chapter at University of Iowa. The chapter adopted the park in 2015 and enjoys keeping it clean. (more…)

Virginia Tech

Bald Knob

SAL chapters do a lot of service projects, but other times it is great for members to celebrate a common interest and just enjoy getting to know one another. Virginia Tech’s SAL chapter took advantage of a beautiful day to ride up to Bald Knob by Mountain Lake. (more…)

9-11 Flag Memorial
INDState (1)

SAL Remembers

Each year, Sigma Alpha Lambda recognizes our heroes from September 11, 2001. Our Flag Memorial event is where chapters all across the country take over a popular area on campus and place flags with the slogan “Sigma Alpha Lambda Remembers.” (more…)

Fall Fair Time!

Tabling on Campus

The new school year is here, and SAL chapters are getting off to a great start with kick-off meetings, new member welcome events, and even a few service projects. One way SAL chapters start the year is (more…)