How much is the membership fee?

There is a one-time membership fee of $75. SAL does not collect any additional national or local dues or fees. Your lifetime SAL membership includes your college years as well as your alumni status.

What happens when I become a member?

You join a national network of like-minded honors university students striving to make the world a better place.  You become eligible for SAL scholarships and awards and leadership positions to boost your resume/graduate school application and improve your overall college experience.

You will receive emails from your chapter officers inviting you to attend meetings, service events, and socials at your school and in your community.

You are also able to order SAL-specific apparel, accessories, and graduation items, such as cords, stoles and tassels, from our SAL Store.

Is this a sorority or fraternity?

No, we are a national leadership and honors organization.

Are scholarships and awards available to members?

Sigma Alpha Lambda offers awards and scholarships for members who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, exhibited strong leadership skills, and made a substantial contribution to their local Chapter and local community.  For a detailed list of our scholarships and more information on the application process, please see our Scholarships page.

What is the time commitment?

There is no minimum amount of time required.  You may participate in as little or as many events as your schedule allows.  We encourage you to attend as many events as you can to increase your chances of earning the President’s Volunteer Service Award and to reap the many benefits of our organization.

Is my SAL membership something I can put on my resume?

Yes. Sigma Alpha Lambda exists all over the country and has an expansive network of alumni.  It would be to your advantage to list us on your resume and/or graduate school application.

What happens when I transfer schools?

Membership in Sigma Alpha Lambda stays with you throughout your academic studies wherever you go. When transferring to another university you simply provide the National Office with your member ID, your new university and your new address information, and your records will be updated accordingly. If there is not already an existing Sigma Alpha Lambda chapter at your new university, this creates a wonderful opportunity for you to lead the creation of what might be the next outstanding chapter of Sigma Alpha Lambda.

How do I contact someone from the national office?

You can contact the national office employee of your choosing by going to

How can I start a chapter at my university?

Email [email protected] to discuss the steps necessary for starting a new chapter.

May I cancel my membership?

Membership may be cancelled at anytime by contacting [email protected]. However, refunds will only be issued up to 30 days after your join date.