Congratulations to the 2014 Scholarship and Award Recipients!

The National Academic Achievement Award

This is awarded to one applicant chosen from all scholarship and award applications received who has demonstrated an outstanding level of commitment and achievement throughout the most recent academic year.

Julia DeVito – University of California Riverside

The Path to Excellence Award

This award recognizes a select group of undergraduate members who have demonstrated outstanding achievement academically, exhibited outstanding leadership skills, or made a substantial contribution in the area of community service.

Alma Chavez – New Mexico State University
Andrea Church – University of Kentucky
Valerie DiCristoforo – Boston University
Megann Erni – Eastern Washington University
Meredith Fleming – University of North Carolina Wilmington
Valerie Gurrola – San Diego State University
Renisha Hall – Middle Tennessee State University
Angelina Harrison – University of Oklahoma
LaMonica Honor – University of Alabama Birmingham
Caitlyn Hyatt – Texas A&M University
Sarah Kapica – Boston University
Lauren Luttrell – Virginia Tech University
Alexa Mitsuda – University of South Florida
Shanice Mzavas – University of Texas at San Antonio
Britny Neel – University of North Carolina Wilmington
Briea Newman – University of Wisconsin Whitewater
Marisse Padron – Florida International University
Daniel Queeley – Florida International University
Jocelyn Rogers – University of South Carolina
Amanda Stokes – University of Tennessee
Veronica Vazquez – University of California Riverside
Katherine Warwick – Texas A&M University
Jacqlyne Weber – East Tennessee State University

The Emerging Leaders Scholarship

This is awarded to students who have maintained high academic performance, have made significant contributions to their chapter and their community, and have been accepted to an accredited Graduate Program of Study.

Rosanna Hok – Boston University
Brittany Hymes – University of Akron
McKinley Kelcy – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Thuy Le – University of Georgia
Layla Niavarani – University of Central Oklahoma
Colten Steele – San Diego State University

The New Member Award

This is given to members who have joined a Sigma Alpha Lambda Chapter during the previous calendar year. It recognizes their academic excellence as well as their contribution to their chapter during their first year of membership.

Ninaad Balachandran – Georgia Institute of Technology
Mary Battey – Arizona State University
Maggi Chiodo – San Diego State University
Griffen Farrar – University of Nebraska Lincoln
Amber Hill – Montclair State University
Amy Lasure – Ohio University
Casey Lemmons – Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Gabriela Leon – San Diego State University
Ashley Lewis – University of North Carolina Wilmington
Chelcy Sally – University of South Carolina
Christina Sarkissian – Grand Valley State University
Sarah Yokum – Texas Tech University

The Chapter Leadership Award

This is given to officers who have maintained high academic performance, demonstrated excellent leadership skills and made a significant contribution to the operation of an existing chapter.

Kayla Blood – University of Oklahoma
Nina Brucks – University of Wisconsin Whitewater
Maxwell Gocala – Youngstown State University
Catherine Kent – University of South Florida
Haley Korff – University of Central Oklahoma
Brook Morris – Kansas State University
Jennifer Moya – James Madison University
Mobolaji Salako – University of Alabama Birmingham
Laura Soto – University of California Riverside