One of the main events that SAL chapters pull together for each year is Relay for Life. While each chapter has its own team, all schools share the common goal of fighting cancer through Relay for Life fundraising. This year 42 chapters have raised over $10,000! This money goes to the American Cancer Society where they will use it to fund research, education, and treatment for cancer patients and their families.

Members raised money individually and as a team. University of Mississippi sold barbecue sandwiches and desserts at their booth. New Mexico State University sold pizza, candy, fruit cups, drinks and more to the crowd. Virginia Tech offered a variety of waffles for purchase (including one with ice cream). Binghamton’s chapter charged $2 for people to play corn hole during their event. University of Iowa sold “Pura Vida” bracelets and even won an award for their beach-themed booth.

Our top teams this year were:

  • Emporia State University-$1,687
  • University of South Florida-$1,065
  • University of Memphis-$1,024

All teams did a fantastic job this year. Your donation could mean a free stay for a patient and caregiver at Hope Lodge, or it could be used for transportation to chemotherapy. The amount you choose to give could help someone detect cancer early due to a preventative screening. It could also be used to buy lab equipment for scientists searching for a cure. Every dollar given helps a huge amount and makes an impact on someone’s life. SAL is proud to partner with Relay for Life to fight cancer, and we are thankful you joined us to make a difference!

Binghamton (2)
Binghamton (3)
Binghamton (4)
IndState Relay for Life
NMSU (4)
UIowa (1)
UIowa (3)
UIowa (4)
UNC (1)
UNC (2)

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