The Big Event Service Initiative

Each year, students across the country participate in the Big Event, a strategic and organized initiative that was created as a way for students to say thank-you to their local communities by performing acts of service. Several SAL chapters were a part of the movement this year.

The Big Event was actually started at Texas A&M University in 1982, and this year our members there were assigned to a graduate student’s house where they painted, paved a walkway, and did yard work. “It was a full day but very rewarding. I think it’s fun to do things like this; it brings the group together and we can have a great time while helping someone else,” said Chapter President Kate Warwick.

Over 8,000 Virginia Tech University students and community members volunteered this year to complete community service projects throughout the surrounding areas. SAL members helped mulch a yard around flower beds, trees, and around the edge of a house.

Members at New Mexico State University were sent to pick-up trash outside of the NMSU golf course. First, they were provided breakfast along with other participating NMSU organizations. They then headed out to their designated area with a map, gloves, and trash bags and began to work, using their phones for music and photo opportunities!

James Madison University members also participated in the Big Event this year and were assigned to mulch a local retreat camp. “Those of us who could were able to give up some of our Saturday to make a difference in Harrisonburg and the greater area. The Big Event is always a rewarding experience for those who attend and is always appreciated by those we help out,” summarized Noelle Pinkerd.

This is just a sampling of those who participated in this year’s Big Event, and to all our members we give a big THANK YOU for making a difference!


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