Unity Mural

After racist vandalism haunted the Eastern Michigan University community last year, Sigma Alpha Lambda members helped create unity and peace on campus. They joined with other students, faculty, staff, and alumni to create a unity mural. SAL painted part of the lower half of the mural which represents diversity and equality. When the mural was complete, they also aided in the process of moving and placing the mural in the McKenny Hall student lounge.

One participant, SAL President Dereka Bennett, felt the mural would help reassure the people on campus that EMU is a welcoming community. “I believe this mural will reassure students that campus is safe and does not discriminate against any kind,” she said. “My favorite part of this activity was seeing so many people – faculty, staff, students – come together and help paint the mural. Over 200 showed up to participate.”

For more information on SAL at Eastern Michigan University, click here.


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