Relay for Life is the focal point of the spring semester. Relay is an all-night, fundraising and cancer awareness event that takes place all across the country. This year, 278 SAL members on 48 teams collected over $16,000 for this fight against cancer!

Due to the popularity of this event and the constant need to battle cancer, SAL became a National Youth Partner with Relay for Life in 2010. As such, we have committed to raising $200,000 over a ten year period. Thanks to our members’ compassion and hard work, we have raised more than $168,000 over the past seven years!

SAL’s national theme this year was Vote Out Cancer, and many chapters sold t-shirts designed for this theme. Many teams were creative with other means of fundraising too, selling everything from hot dogs to photo booth pictures during the night of Relay. Chapters also took advantage of restaurant percentage nights and collected money for their cause that way.

Our top four teams went above and beyond to raise more than $1,000! They are:
1) University of Kansas
2) Rowan University
3) University of Louisville
4) Virginia Tech University

Allison Fuqua of University of Louisville raised more than $1,000 on her own!

Every dollar raised goes to worthy causes including early detection screenings, medical and research equipment, housing at Hope Lodge for patients and caregivers, the Road to Recovery program, and more. SAL members are truly using service to change lives, and we are so thankful for their efforts!

USM (1)
Montclair (4)
Montclair (2)
GVSU (8)

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