Fall student organization fairs have had great turnouts for participating Sigma Alpha Lambda chapters all over!  Chapters have set up tables at their campus student organization events in order to raise awareness about SAL and what SAL does. Many chapters set their tables up with tri-fold poster boards decorated with SAL memorabilia and information. Numerous chapters reported having had positive interactions with a number of interested students and given out SAL invitations that explain how students can get involved. Chapters also passed out koozies, key chains, pens, membership brochures, and other SAL items during these events.

Participating chapters were able to inform current members who came out to the student organization events about upcoming meetings and events to get involved in. Chapter presidents said that the tables were effective ways in making students aware of SAL on their campus and increased their interest in joining. A big thanks and great job to all those chapters who participated in their campus involvement events!

If your chapter would like to set up a SAL table be sure to talk to your Chapter Support Representative! It’s a great way to get your SAL chapter out there on your campus and get students involved!

To request an invitation to join SAL click here

For pictures of the 2014 Fall student organization events check them out here.

Middle Tennessee State
University of Texas Austin
Gobblerfest Virginia Tech

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