Puppy Chow Fundraiser

While brainstorming fundraising ideas for their chapter, SAL members at University of Wisconsin Whitewater came across a creative idea to involve their puppies. They decided to sell puppy chow and dog treats to other college students. SAL made the puppy chow at a regular meeting and sold it a few days later with three of the officers’ dogs around to attract attention. Over 150 people came to their station to pet the three dogs present. They completely sold out of both the puppy chow and the dog treats that were offered!

“This went so well. The dogs were very happy and the students often told us that we made their day. It was a great way to get Sigma Alpha Lambda’s name out on campus. Many people asked us who we were and what we did,” said Chapter President Samantha Fett.

For more information on the SAL chapter at University of Wisconsin Whitewater, click here.


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