The University of Wisconsin Whitewater recently partnered with The Yellow Tulip Project in planting a “Hope Garden” in their community.

The Yellow Tulip Project ambassadors provided the tulip bulbs for planting and the equipment necessary to dig the holes. Members of SAL’s UWW chapter volunteered to assist in planting the “Hope Garden” in their community.

According to their website, The Yellow Tulip Project focuses on “smashing the stigma” that surrounds mental illness by building communities where people realize there is help and hope out there. The “Hope Gardens” aim to inspire productive conversations about how to combat the rising rates of suicide.

SAL is proud to see our members at The University of Wisconsin Whitewater working to spread awareness and hope.

To learn more about the UWW chapter, click here.

Yellow Tulip Project 2
Yellow Tulip Project 3 (657x665)