The Big Event

Several SAL chapters participated in this year’s Big Event.  Among them were University of Nebraska Lincoln, Texas A&M University, Virginia Tech University, and James Madison University.  Big Event is popular among many campuses and involves student organizations joining together to clean and better their community.  It is the biggest student-run volunteer project in the nation. 

UNL SAL members enjoyed bonding while serving by playing Bingo and visiting with the elderly at a local nursing home.  They were rewarded with free food and t-shirts from their campus.  Texas A&M and Virginia Tech completed yard work and other home-based projects for families in their respective communities.  Meanwhile, JMU members participated for their third year in a row.  They were given gloves, vests, and trash bags and cleaned up a local elementary school.

Texas A&M’s Chapter President Caitlyn Hyatt said of the event, “Our chapter had so much fun building skills as a team.”  UNL’s Chapter President Danielle Bowden agreed.  She said, “It was really a great volunteer work and bonding day!  I would suggest all chapters do this if their campus hosts a Big Event!”

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