Valentine Events

During February, many SAL chapters chose to serve by sharing love with others. East Carolina University made Valentine cards for children at a local hospital during their meeting. Murray State University chose to make their cards for senior citizens at a nearby nursing home. The residents received their cards in time for their Valentine party. New Mexico State University had a similar idea; they made 60 cards for residents of a local senior community.

In addition to giving cards to senior citizens at a local healthcare facility, Purdue University attended a Valentine party there and handed out ice cream. They also gave cards to the office staff to make them feel appreciated too. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill hosted their own Valentine party for members complete with pizza, drinks, and cookies. They also made cards for children at UNC Children’s Hospital.

El Centro College used the holiday to hold a fundraiser for their chapter. They sold cookies, cakes, roses and candies, and they allowed customers to make Valentine cards. They collected over $115 from their efforts. California State University Fresno also held a fundraiser. Officers donated items such as delicious chocolates, a DVD, and popcorn to make a gift bag and then raffled their gift bag off to members.

Through cards, parties, and fundraisers, SAL members used Valentine’s Day to share lots of joy!


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