Acts of Kindness

For the Mississippi State University SAL chapter, sharing random acts of kindness was a big hit! During Random Acts of Kindness Week, officers and members set up a table on campus where they passed out free cookies and flowers. They even offered gluten-free and vegan options. Those who came by their table were surprised and delighted that the offerings were free and commented on how it made their day.

Erin Rone, Chapter President, said this was “the most successful chapter event since I joined SAL!” She added a shout-out for her VP of Membership, Jonnese Goings. “We were inspired by the email sent out about random acts of kindness, but also by our officer Jonnese,” said Erin. “She loves this kind of stuff and really encouraged everyone to participate.”

For more information about SAL’s Mississippi State University Chapter, click here.


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