Leadership Training

George Washington University’s SAL chapter officers attended five different “Excellence in Leadership” seminars over the course of the 2019-2020 academic year. According to chapter president Stephanie Gemmell, “these seminars allow our chapter to maintain registration with GW’s Center for Student Engagement, while developing our officer team’s leadership skills and providing us with new resources and ideas to implement in our organization.”

Specific sessions covered topics like “Relational Intelligence: The Key to Successful Management Mindfulness,” “Civic Leadership Dialogues: Art-Based Advocacy,” and “Self-Efficacy for Student Leaders.”

“Attending these leadership seminars benefited our officer team by providing us with new ways of thinking about and implementing our leadership,” says Gemmell. Next year, the chapter hopes to expand this leadership training to all chapter members “since they are on-campus, free, and easily accessible to students.”

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