Chapter Officers
Ruixuan Wang - President
Kayla Berne - Secretary
Shiyuan Liao - VP Leadership Development
Muskaan Lulla - VP Membership
Rohan Nimmagadda - VP Public Relations

Contact Details
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Chapter Support Representative - Rob Miner

Leadership Opportunities

The most engaging and active leadership roles are filling the role of a Chapter officer. This is an opportunity to develop hands on experience in communication, project planning & execution, team building, and time management. Elections occur once per year, typically in early spring. Click here to read a brief description of each officer position.

Scholarship and Award Recipients from this Chapter

Alexis Blickman - Emerging Leaders Scholarship, 2020
Stephanie Gemmell - Path to Excellence Award, 2020
Stephanie Gemmell - Chapter Leadership Award, Path to Excellence Award, 2019
Leah Staniorski - New Member Award, 2013
Victoria Costa - Chapter Leadership Award, 2013
Michael Ross - New Member Award, 2010
Maura T. Reilly - Path to Excellence Award, 2008
Marni Rose Lapin - Path to Excellence Award, 2007

Chapter Highlights
George Washington University

Leadership Training George Washington University’s SAL chapter officers attended five different “Excellence in Leadership” seminars over the course of the 2019-2020 academic year.

MLK Day of Service

Sigma Alpha Lambda members across the country volunteered their time, energy, and talents last month in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

George Washington University

Cards for Kids The SAL chapter at George Washington University started off the spring 2020 semester by combining a service project with their chapter meeting.

Valentine’s Day

This year, several SAL chapters tapped into the spirit of Valentine’s Day by giving gifts to others.

2018 Food Fight Against Hunger

2018’s Food Fight Against Hunger event has come to a close, and we’re proud of all the work that members accomplished!

Thanksgiving Meals

Sharing a meal is one of the best ways to bond as a group, and SAL used the Thanksgiving holiday as a great opportunity to do just that.