ING Miami Marathon

The ING Miami Marathon is an annual race with almost 20,000 participants. Volunteers are essential to the success of the Marathon. It takes over 2500 volunteers to make the day run smoothly. This year, members from the FIU chapter came out to volunteer at the race. They arrived as early as 4AM to help set up the water station they would be volunteering at.

Throughout the race, the members handed out water and Gatorade to the runners while cheering them on. Another volunteer at their station, Cheryl Scully, an employee of AutoNation, Inc in Fort Lauderdale, wrote a letter to the chapter thanking them for their efforts. She said, “they cheered and distributed water throughout the race with an energy level that those of us over the age of 25 could not fully muster!” After the race was over, volunteers were needed to clean up the cups and debris left on the course of the marathon. SAL members stayed longer than they had anticipated to help rake up and bag the trash.

As volunteers, SAL members were a part of making the marathon a success. This event gave them a chance to get out into the community and help out while developing their teamwork and organizational skills.

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