SAL Spirit Carnival!

Though one of our newer chapters, El Centro quickly established themselves as one of our most active chapters; and this latest event shows how good they are at sharing their SAL Spirit and getting some unexpected results!

Last year for SAL’s Spring Spirit Day, El Centro had done some games and told people about Sigma Alpha Lambda. This year, they decided to go all out! Using a carnival theme, they created flyers that looked like tickets, made punch cards that students had to use in order to get food, and decorated their student center just like a carnival!

The outcome of this activity was very surprising and truly rewarding. Not only did they have students wondering what SAL is all about, but they also had members of the faculty and administration come out to support them and to see what they were doing. Some of the faculty even approached the officers and were very excited that SAL is on campus. They offered to set meeting times so that SAL officers could go to their classrooms and share with their students who SAL is and what they do!

Chapter Historian Laura Bueno gushed, “I am not only the Historian for Sigma Alpha Lambda, I am also the President of Student Government Association. I say that to say that on our campus student involvement is not always the best, but that was NOT the case with Spirit Day! There was a line of students trying to come in and participate in the carnival! That was so rewarding! Last year after our game day we were able to recruit some students. There is no doubt that after this carnival our membership will increase once again!”

Congratulations on a job well done, El Centro!

To learn more about the El Centro College Chapter, click here.


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