Trash Clean Up

SAL members at East Tennessee State University are always looking for ways to serve their community. This fall, they hit the streets of Johnson City for a trash clean up.
This community service event was extremely successful and they were able to clean “at least a few hundred cigarette buds” according to ETSU’s chapter president, Kaylynn Dalton. The chapter’s effort even moved a local shop owner to join them. Dalton said, “We were extremely moved by her gesture. She took time out of her shop to clean the strip. It was very rewarding to see the things we stand for as an organization come to life. Even as a small group, we inspired change for this individual. My members were thrilled and talked about her involvement the rest of the time.”
Thanks for your service, leadership and achievement, ETSU! To learn more about our East Tennessee University chapter visit our website here.

2020 TP 1