CSU Serves

The Colorado State University Chapter of SAL has learned that they can utilize certain university programs to both serve their community and raise funds for their chapter.  Their most recent endeavor was participating in CSU Serves!

CSU Serves is a school sanctioned activity where student organizations can sign up and help in whatever activity that the school needs. For the help, CSU pays the organizations based on participation of how many members help. This event is normally a gathering of a lot of different clubs on campus.

The cleaning they did for this CSU Serves included picking up trash and leftover debris in areas that are very popular for throwing parties. This is an attempt by the university to mend the relationship between students and the residents that live there by showing them that they care. Students were separated into groups based on which club they were in, and the coordinator gave everyone different areas to clean. The SAL chapter was given the park, and they picked up trash on the playground, the mote, and the field.

Chapter President Angela Mei said this was a good activity for serving the community, raising some money for the chapter, and getting to know each other better!

To learn more about the Colorado State University Chapter, click here.


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