SAL Remembers

Each year, Sigma Alpha Lambda recognizes our heroes from September 11, 2001. Our Flag Memorial event is where chapters all across the country take over a popular area on campus and place flags with the slogan “Sigma Alpha Lambda Remembers.” Terrorists tried to break our country that day, but students from different ethnicities, religions, and political beliefs joined together to honor the memory of those lost and celebrate the courage of those who pressed on in the midst of tragedy.

The memorial touches many, as Ellie Feezor, Chapter President of Murray State University, said. “The event was a simple yet strong way of honoring those who lost their lives on 9/11/01 and was received very well on campus. I received an email from a professor who had seen the flags and thanked us and the organization for setting them up.”

Danielle Lance, Indiana State University’s Chapter President, said the event was very rewarding for SAL members as well. “I know our organization will participate in the years to come,” she added.

Jessica Phan, Chapter Secretary at Virginia Commonwealth University, observed those who passed the memorial. She noted that “students from all over campus would stop for a moment of silence, place their hands over their hearts, and reflect. We felt accomplished and touched for allowing a time and place for the community to get together on this day.”

The gesture of our event is small, but the impact is great. Thank you to all who participated.


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