We’re proud to announce the formation of a new SAL chapter at West Virginia State University. Founder and Chapter Vice President Matthew Mayo first became aware of Sigma Alpha Lambda while researching potential honor societies to join. “When I learned of SAL’s cause and what they represent, I knew I had to get a chapter established at my university,” said Mayo.

Mayo has always been involved in some sort of community service project and knows that SAL will help him encourage others to volunteer. “I work with my church, organizations, college events like ‘Cares Day,’ and personal or class projects,” says Mayo. “We have wonderful students here at State who love to be active in the community.”

Although there have been some challenges to starting a new chapter, Mayo is confident that “this will become easier over time,” mostly because his new officer team shares common goals and works together for the greater good of their campus and community.

While the chapter may have just been founded, that isn’t stopping WVSU SAL from thinking big. According to Mayo, the chapter has made it a priority to “recruit students hard for potential membership, grow as a chapter, learn of other SAL chapters and reach out to them, and have a welcome ceremony” as a celebratory conclusion to their founding semester or a strong introduction to the 2019-2020 academic year.

To become the strongest and best chapter they can possibly be, WVSU officers hope “students and faculty will become involved and familiar with us. We want to see growth, and we want to see this chapter make a positive impact in our community,” said Mayo.

Welcome to the Sigma Alpha Lambda family, West Virginia State University! We are eager to help you achieve your goals.

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