Juggling college, homework and job can make it difficult to squeeze in time for volunteering. Luckily, there’s an app by the name of Charity Miles that allows users to give back while doing something as simple as walking to class.

Charity Miles is a free app (download here) which allows users to raise money for over 40 charities simply by walking, running, or riding a bike. The app tracks users’ movements during these activities, and donates money based on the distance they cover. Users get to pick which charity their miles go toward, with options including Feeding America, Pencils of Promise, and Charity: Water, among others. There’s even an option to join teams, such as the Sigma Alpha Lambda team.

For college students, walking around campus from class to class is something that is done on almost daily basis. For exercise enthusiasts, running might be a staple of a daily routine. Why not help raise money for charity simply by using an app as you do what you normally do?

We encourage all of you to download the app and join team “Sigma Alpha Lambda.” Let’s work together to hit 3,000 miles by the end of the fall semester!

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