SAL’s 6th Annual Food Fight Against Hunger event has come to an end and we are incredibly proud to announce that chapters around the country collected over 7,500 nonperishable food items to feed those in need! Every item collected made a difference and we want to thank each and every member that took part in this nation-wide effort over the past several months. Over 50 SAL chapters participated in the event this fall and the 2015 Food Fight Against Hunger winning chapters are:

Small Chapter Division: El Centro College with 699 items
Medium Chapter Division: Grand Valley State University with 613 items
Large Chapter Division: University of Oklahoma with 429 items
Fundraising Division: University of Louisville with $90
Honorable Mention for creativity: University of North Carolina Greensboro with 260 items

Each year, it’s always inspiring to hear stories from the local chapters about their efforts and this year was no different! Cassidy Wion of the University of Oklahoma Chapter said this of their chapter’s involvement, “I was very proud to see how our small group was able to make such a large impact on our community. When we delivered the food to the pantry, one of the helpers underestimated how much food we had at first and was extremely grateful when we brought it ALL in for them! We got many compliments on what we were doing throughout the day at the tabling event as well as at the pantry itself. We were all glad that we could help out, and this event seems to be a huge success each year we do it.” Another chapter, University of North Carolina Greensboro, took a unique approach and was able to get a university basketball coach to commit to match what the members collected. In doing so, they doubled their efforts and made twice the impact at their local food bank this holiday season.

The results from all participating chapters were as follows:

Small Chapters (1-150)
El Centro College – 960 items
Murray State University – 539 items
Virginia Tech University – 362 items
University of Southern Mississippi – 312 items
East Carolina University – 164 items
Emporia State University – 156 items
Virginia Commonwealth University – 130 items
Western Illinois University – 117 items
University of Kentucky – 60 items
Ohio University – 53 items
University of South Florida – 45 items
University of Iowa – 41 items
University of Kansas – 29 items
Ohio State University – 20 items
University of California Riverside – 16 items
North Dakota State University – 7 items
Iowa State University – 6 items
Middle Tennessee State University – 6 items

Medium Chapters (151-250)
Grand Valley State University – 613 items
Rowan University – 385 items
New Mexico State University – 322 items
University of North Carolina Greensboro – 260 items
Kansas State University – 243 items
East Tennessee State University – 180 items
University of North Carolina Wilmington – 175 items
Purdue University – 122 items
University of Texas Arlington – 108 items
Binghamton University – 91 items
Eastern Michigan University – 87 items
Indiana University of Pennsylvania – 80 items
University of Central Oklahoma – 75 items
University of North Texas – 65 items
University of Texas at Austin – 43 items
University of Louisville – 35 items
Texas State University – 28 items
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign – 5 items

Large Chapters (251+)
University of Oklahoma – 429 items
Texas A&M University – 310 items
Clemson University – 160 items
Old Dominion University – 131 items
Boston University – 125 items
Florida International University – 54 items
Montclair State University – 46 items
Arizona State University – 44 items
James Madison University – 30 items
University of Georgia – 30 items
University of South Carolina – 28 items
Florida State University – 25 items
University of Memphis – 24 items
University of Alabama – 23 items
Colorado State University – 8 items
San Diego State University – 8 items
University of Pittsburgh – 6 items

University of Louisville – $90
University of Arizona – $30
University of Kansas – $24
University of Memphis – $15

Way to go, SAL members, and thank you for all that you did this semester in helping to battle hunger with this year’s SAL Food Fight Against Hunger!

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