Sigma Alpha Lambda is proud to announce that over 100 members from 56 chapters across the country took part in January’s MLK Day of Service by participating in local service projects in their community. This is the only federal holiday observed as a national day of service — “a day on, not a day off.”

For two years in a row and as a part of the official MLK Day of Service Network, SAL extended service opportunities to its members, making it possible for them to make an impact in their community through volunteerism. Participating members who also give their time throughout the year are eligible to apply for the Drum Major for Service Award through SAL. This award is a component of the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) program.

SAL members volunteered to help with street/community/school cleanups, local fire station projects, mentoring organizations, food pantries and local shelters, card making for retirement homes, MLK Day parade activities and many other projects. Several chapters also volunteered with their local fire stations to promote fire safety in their communities. Joining with the millions of people who came together on MLK Day, the SAL members who took part in local events had very positive things to say about their experiences. Here are just a few stories:

Galia Hernandez of Montclair University volunteered in two areas of her city and said, “MLK Day was a productive and rewarding day filled with enthusiasm, joy and happiness. I met wonderful people in the community and made new friends. It was a day of giving and I am glad I had the opportunity to participate as a volunteer. We gave our hard work and in return received priceless smiles. I am looking forward to participate in next year’s day of service.”

Lauren O’Quinn of the University of North Florida volunteered at a local school. “Becoming involved in community events such as this can help build character. It was an awesome experience to see so many people come together and help transform the learning environment at Edward H. White High School,” Lauren said. She and other volunteers painted murals, organized and alphabetized the library and beautified the landscape of the school.

Dwayne Tomlin of the University of Texas Arlington volunteered at a church that serves the homeless population. He had a chance to spend time with a homeless man while he was there. “We had a great conversation about his life. The things he told me about himself really touched my heart, such as how he wanted to go see his children, find a job and a place to live, and get back on his feet. What I learned from talking with him is that all lives matter whether you are rich or poor. We are all brothers and sisters and we should always be there for each other to lend a helping hand if needed.”

These and many other SAL members submitted their stories and photos to us about their MLK Day of Service experiences. Below is the complete list of SAL members who will receive the Drum Major for Service Award for the 2014-15 school year in conjunction with their MLK Day experience:

Robinn Anderson – University of Southern Mississippi
Emmanuella Asamoah  – Middle Tennessee State University
Hope Askew – Oklahoma State University
Ayla Avilez – Florida International University
Sean Barnfather – Arizona State University
LaDetric Bentley – University of Alabama
Karen Boger – University of North Carolina Greensboro
Sarah Brady – Appalachian State University
Courtney Broderick – University of Texas Arlington
Heather Burnett – Valdosta State University
Briana Carr – Appalachian State University
Ciera Carroll – Florida State University
Stephanie Casanova – San Diego State University
Galia Chate Hernandez – Montclair State University
Maggi Chiodo – San Diego State University
Taylor Cieslak – Grand Valley State University
Vanessa Clayton – Arizona State University
Kyle Comer – University of Texas at Austin
Natasha Dabrowski – University of Michigan
Glendalys De Jesus – Florida International University
Amanda Demackiewicz – Oklahoma State University
Dawn Denton – University of Central Arkansas
Alyssa Dequeant – University of Texas Arlington
Carla Dollopac – University of Arizona
Cayley Dymond – Purdue University
Megann Erni – Eastern Washington University
Debra Ezell – University of Louisville
Terry Felty – El Centro College
Kadie Freeman – Indiana University
Jill Fulford – Florida State University
Shandreca Gibson – University of Texas Arlington
Kerstin Glaess – University of Mississippi
June Gonzales – University of Kentucky
Sarah Grady – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Nicole Gustin – Grand Valley State University
Rebecca Guy – University of Maryland Baltimore County
Victoria Hanczyk – Binghamton University
Kim Hart – Eastern Washington University
Shara Helland – El Centro College
Arisvet Hernandez – Emporia State University
Melinda Hoholik – Grand Valley State University
Kelsey Huntington – University of Washington
Emma Hutchison – University of Akron
Brittany Hymes – University of Akron
Pamela Isita – University of Texas El Paso
Faith James – University of Central Arkansas
Brandon Johnson – East Tennessee State University
Brandis Johnson – University of Arizona
Damin Kendrick – New Mexico State University
Kaltoum Kerdi – San Diego State University
Sukayna Khalifeh – Montclair State University
Michael Kimbrell – University of Alabama Birmingham
Sydny Kurth – California State University Long Beach
Jacob Landolt – University of Nebraska Lincoln
Yadira Ledesma-Benitez – University of North Carolina Wilmington
Curtis Lee – El Centro College
Gabriela Leon – San Diego State University
Nydia Lopez – San Diego State University
Mina Lubel – University of Alabama
Matthew Lynch – Old Dominion University
Kelsey Mackey – University of Connecticut
Jasmine Malloy – Montclair State University
Megan Marquiss – University of Arizona
Kenneth Martin – New Mexico State University
Tanya Martinez – California State University Long Beach
Jordan Massey – University of Connecticut
Kelly Millan – University of Texas Austin
Samantha Nelson – Virginia Commonwealth University
Peter Newton  – University of Louisiana Lafayette
Chioma Nkwocha – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Lauren O’Quinn – University of North Florida
Lindsey Osborne – Western Michigan University
Kinzie Owens  – University of Alabama Birmingham
Nora Pando – New Mexico State University
Rosa Park – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Andrew Pastore – Arizona State University
Jaime Perez – University of Texas El Paso
Kinsley Pierre – University of North Florida
Kaitlyn Price – Eastern Michigan University
Mary Ratcliff – University of North Florida
Victoria Revills – University of South Florida
Brittney Robinett – University of Washington
Olivia Sharp – University of Central Oklahoma
Luke Shrum – University of North Carolina Wilmington
Mayra Solis-Madueno – San Diego State University
Devin Stevens – University of Alabama
Allison Stone – Southeastern Louisiana University
Paul Strickland – University of North Carolina Greensboro
Jenna Sutphin – Clemson University
Will Taber – University of North Florida
Nicholas Tarleton – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Alicia Tarver – Illinois State University
Dwane Tomlin – University of Texas Arlington
Keaira Turner  – University of Alabama Birmingham
Abhinaya Uthayakumar – Georgia Institute of Technology
Melissa Vrabel – University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Ashley Washington – University of Central Arkansas
Chris Wentz – University of Minnesota
Anterrika Williams  – University of Central Arkansas
Sabrina Willis – Sonoma State University
Leigh Winnicki – University of Louisville
Claudette Woodhouse – Old Dominion University
Ashley Wygal – University of Central Arkansas

Sydny Kurth
Sukayna Khalifeh - Montclair
Paul Strickland - UNCG (2)
Olivia Sharp - UCO 2
Maggie Chido
Lauren O'Quinn - UNF
LaDetric Bentley
Kyle Comer - UTexas
Kinzie Owens - UAB
June Gonzales - Group
Jenna Sutphin - Clemson - Collage
Hope Askew Collage
Galia Hernandez - Montclair 2
Emmanuella Asamoah Cropped Photo
El Centro 1
Dwane Tomlin Collage - UTA
Claudette Woodhouse - ODU
Ciera Carrol - FSU
Chioma Nkwocha - UIUC
Brittany Hymes - UAkron
Brandis Johnson - Arizona 2
Abhinaya Uthayakumar - Ga Tech
Jacob Landolt - UNL
Tanya Martinez - CSULB

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