Sigma Alpha Lambda’s annual Food Fight Against Hunger was a major success for the 5th year! This service event brings together chapters from every region of the U.S. with a spirited but friendly competition in which the goal is to collect the most non-perishable food items for local food banks. This competition amongst our chapters challenges each chapter to do their best to win.

SAL had a record-breaking and goal-accomplishing number of 56 chapters participating! A total of 10,596 non-perishable food items and $1,151.75 were collected and donated to local food banks across the nation! Hungry people are everywhere, with one in every six Americans not having enough food.  With these numbers, participating SAL chapters made a huge impact in helping to feed those in need.

Prizes for the chapters in their given categories include a celebration for the winning chapters and a donation made on their behalf by SAL to their favorite non-profit charity. The categories are: small, medium, and large chapters, as well as a fundraising option for those chapters who decided to donate money directly to their food bank. This year’s winners are:

Small Category:                Eastern Washington University (1,400 items)
Medium Category:            Grand Valley State University (975 items)
Large Category:                University of Oklahoma (428 items)
Fundraising Category:     University of Central Arkansas ($940)

Both El Centro College (964 items/24 members) and Sonoma State University (614 items/ 103 members) are both awarded honorable mention for being “small but MIGHTY.” They are both in the small member size category and still collected over 500 items!

This year has been an extremely exciting one for Food Fight Against Hunger and it has been amazing to watch everyone come together to make an impact in their community! Thank you to all who participated for an absolutely FANTASTIC job!

The total number of items and money collected with FFAH over the last 5 years’ events combined is 105,754 non-perishable food items and $39,001.75 raised!

Large Chapters (401+ Members):
1. University of Oklahoma: 428 items
2. University of Mississippi: 329 items
3. Texas A&M University: 205 items
4. Montclair State University: 113 items
5. Clemson University: 51 items
6. Florida State University: 40 items
7. University of South Carolina: 33 items
8. Oklahoma State University: 20 items
9. University of Alabama: 20 items

Medium Chapters (201-400 Members):
1. Grand Valley State University: 975 items
2. Purdue University: 532 items
3. East Tennessee State University: 412 items
4. University of Texas at Austin: 352 items
5. Texas Tech University: 325 items
6. University of Wisconsin Whitewater: 250 items
7. Boston University: 246 items
8. New Mexico State University: 245 items
9. University of Texas Arlington: 230 items
10. Colorado State University: 180 items
11. University of North Carolina Wilmington: 152 items
12. James Madison University: 92 items
13. University of Central Oklahoma: 90 items
14. University of Tennessee: 70 items
15. Kansas State University: 65 items
16. Indiana University of Pennsylvania: 57 items
16. San Diego State University: 57 items
18. University of Nebraska Lincoln: 56 items
19. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: 40 items
20. Florida International University: 33 items
21. Arizona State University: 30 items
21. University of Louisiana Lafayette: 30 items
23. University of Pittsburgh: 24 item
24. University of Central Arkansas: 15 items
25. University of North Texas: 5 items

Small Chapters (0-200 Members):
1. Eastern Washington University: 1400 items
2. El Centro College: 964 items
3. Sonoma State University: 614 items
4. Emporia State University: 441 items
5. Virginia Tech University: 400 items
6. Rowan University: 275 items
7. University of Wisconsin Madison: 129 items
8. Murray State University: 113 items
9. University of Arizona: 83 items
10. California State University Fresno: 59 items
11. University of Akron: 55 items
11. Youngstown State University: 55 items
13. Middle Tennessee State University: 45 items
14. University of Iowa: 41 items
14. Iowa State University: 41 items
16. Ohio University: 40 items
17. University of Kansas: 30 items
18. Texas State University: 25 items
19. Valdosta State University: 20 items
19. University of Texas at El Paso: 20 items
19. University of South Florida: 20 items
19. Grambling State University: 20 items

Monetary Donations Raised:
1. University of Central Arkansas: $940.00 raised
2. University of Arizona: $196.25 raised
3. Indiana University of Pennsylvania: $15.50 raised

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