The 2014 fall SAL Spirit Day that took place on October 15th was a success! Members and chapters from all over participated significantly by proudly wearing their SAL gear, taking pictures, and participating in many different SAL Spirit Day events.

Kansas State University,  as well as many other chapters, set up a SAL table on campus in order to spread awareness of SAL on their campus. Kansas State officers stated that, “This event helped spread awareness of our organization and get people excited about what we have to offer.”

The University of Alabama Birmingham held a Spirit Day Social, as did multiple SAL chapters, and spent time watching movies and eating snacks together. They had a great time socializing and getting to know each other even better.

El Centro College, a small but mighty chapter, decided to create their own unique Spirit Day activity and way to capture students’ attention. They decided to put goodie bags together, consisting of candy and SAL koozies, and made them into prizes students could win if they stopped and played a game. They had multiple games students got to play and ended up surprised by how many students stopped by to play games and learn more about SAL. By doing something that no one had ever seen done on their campus before they stirred up interest and excitement in SAL and even had students and professors asking when they were going to have this event again!

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in SAL Spirit Day this fall, don’t worry–there will be a spring SAL Spirit Day on April 8th! Make sure you check out the SAL store for specials on all the SAL gear you need to celebrate the next SAL Spirit Day! Visit our Facebook page to see all the SAL Spirit Day photos!


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