For the second year, SAL chapters partook in one of SAL’s newest National Initiatives, our 9/11 Flag Memorial!  Participating chapters all over the country received American flags to place at a prominent spot on campus as a reminder to the members and the entire student body of the events that took place on September 11, 2001.  This year we had over 20 chapters participate in this moving remembrance memorial!

Angelina Harrison of the SAL University of Oklahoma Chapter said:

“When I asked someone if they wanted to place a flag in honor of 9/11 they said ‘Oh yes, I actually forgot that was today.’  That’s why we did this event, to ensure we never forget and to honor those we lost.”

University of Wisconsin Madison Chapter President Philippa Foundling stated:

“I feel this activity was successful in showing the community that the student body and SAL cared, as well as showing any of those who lost loved ones or their lives that they have not been forgotten.  I noticed as we were setting up that pedestrians were watching us and one gentleman stopped and said thank you.”

This annual event has proven to be successful and appreciated by SAL members, the student body, and the community.  It is a truly touching tribute to the thousands who lost their lives or lost someone 13 years ago in the September 11th tragedy.  Sigma Alpha Lambda and its chapters remember and pay their respects through this event.

A huge thank you goes out to all those who participated this year!

For more photos from this year’s 9/11 Memorial event, check out the album on our national Facebook page!

Emporia State University
Youngstown State University
University of Wisconsin Whitewater
University of Texas Austin
Michigan State University
El Centro College
El Centro College

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