Sigma Alpha Lambda is a proud supporter of the President’s Volunteer Service Awards. This year, many of our members from chapters all around the country were recipients of this award in all three categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Sigma Alpha Lambda would like to congratulate the following members and thank them for their commitment to service.


Andrea Fouts – Kansas State University
Brittany Hymes – University of Akron
Charis Lo – University of Minnesota
Dawn Cutler – Virginia Tech
Eric Elmond – Unviversity of Akron
Erin Spruit – Grand Valley State University
Erin Sonnessa – Old Dominion University
George Knaysi III – University of Virginia
Iva Cramer – University of Mississippi
Jarod Regier – Wichita State University
Jason Aldwyn Bowen – University of South Florida
Kellen Wittkop – Colorado State University
Lauren Eppert – University of Georgia
Mirna Acevedo – University of Texas at El Paso
Monique Jammer – San Diego State University
Tannis Kufner – Georgia Southern University
Tiffany Proffitt – East Tennessee State University
Wendy Clay – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Ariella Gabino – Arizona State University
Daniel Neverman – University of California Riverside
Denise Current – Indiana State University
Ebbanee Jimenez – University of North Carolina Charlotte
Isabella De Soriano – University of Iowa
Jessica Healey – Rowan University
John Tibbetts – George Washington University
Jordan Sugarman – George Washington University
Katie Paxton – University of North Carolina Charlotte
Lindsay Jones – Colorado State University
Michael Isaacs – University of South Florida
Samuel Stepp – University of Kansas
Timothy Thomas – Emporia State University


Beth Mills – Grand Valley State University
Chelsea Mouton – University of Louisiana Lafayette
Christopher West – University of Maryland Baltimore County
Erik Zawrazky – Western Michigan University
Iris Minor – University of Alabama
Jennifer Dossett – San Diego State University
Joe Querbach – Wichita State University
Justin MacGregor – University of North Carolina Charlotte
Marsha Messer-Bass – University of North Carolina Greensboro
Meg Sickler – Rowan University
Megan Brookman – University of California Riverside
Michelle Saunders – James Madison University



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