SAL Chapters are doing a great job fundraising for Relay for Life this Spring! So far 54 chapters have raised over $9000. If you needed another reason to Relay, here is a story from Sigma Alpha Lambda’s Chapter Support Representative Nikki Donato. 

One of the worst days of my life was hearing my mom tell me that my brother, Billy, had cancer! After going through it with my grandmother, I couldn’t imagine going through it again with my brother.

Billy was diagnosed in January of 2009 with Hodgkins Lymphoma. He went through Chemo for about 10 months. He was constantly sick and in pain. A little over a year later in October of 2010 the test results came back as positive and he was immediately sent to MD Anderson in Texas.  Mom, Dad, Bill & his wife, Laurie, packed up their stuff and left. My dad and Laurie had to come back for work so my mom and Billy were up there for about three months. Right before he was admitted into the hospital for intense inpatient treatment, he heard the news that he was actually still in remission, but really high risk. He continued with the tests for every three months and most recently had a positive scan in January of this year.  He started care with Moffit here in Florida, and after tons of tests they determined that he was still in high risk remission.  He now has an autoimmune process that is going.

Thank you for what you are doing to help families like mine.  Together, we can help many more fight cancer.

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