The Big Event is a campus-wide day of service held at universities all over the country. Its a day for students to come together to give back to their community by volunteering. The students are split into groups and assigned a project for the day, such as cleaning a park or doing yard work for an elderly person. Many SAL chapters take part in the Big Event each year.

The Big Event is a huge deal at Texas A&M University, where over 13,000 students participate each year. The SAL chapter brought out enough volunteers to have two groups. One was assigned to a house to wash windows and the other group did yard work at another house.

The James Madison University Chapter was assigned to the Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center called Crossroads, where they gardened, cleaned the house and installed insulation.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln chapter was able to go to two different houses where they pulled weeds, raked leaves, cut down unwanted shrubbery and tidied up the lawns.

The Oklahoma State University Chapter also went to two different houses and raked leaves and washed windows for elderly couples.

The University of Central Oklahoma Chapter was assigned to help a nonprofit organization, Citizens Caring for Children. They formed an assembly line and put together bags which would be given to the participants of the Redbud Race, which is to benefit Citizens Caring for Children.

The Big Event provided SAL chapters with a way to make a difference in their community and help families and organizations that need a hand.


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