Each year, Sigma Alpha Lambda organizes at least 2 national initiatives, service projects that chapters all across the country participate in. This Fall, our national initiative was the Food Fight Against Hunger, where all chapters were encouraged to collect as many nonperishable food items as they could. Last month, chapters turned in their totals for the amount of food and/or money they collected. To give every chapter an equal chance to win, SAL chose a winner for each category of chapters: small, medium, large as well as a fundraiser winner for chapters who raised money instead of canned goods.   This year’s winners are:

.         Winner, Small Chapter Division:  University of Wisconsin Whitewater

.         Winner, Medium Chapter Division: University of Central Oklahoma

.         Winner, Large Chapter Division: University of Tennessee

.         Fundraising Chapter:  Georgia Southern University

This year, 36 chapters worked hard to collect more than 11,500 canned goods! Congratulations, SAL chapters; that is over 5,000 more than last year! Items were donated to local food banks and will help hundreds of families. Our Chapters also worked hard and raised more than $1500 to help local food banks and soup kitchens.

Some of our SAL chapters were extra creative in seeking ways to get donations.  One chapter held a movie night where canned goods served as an admission price.  Other chapters went beyond collecting food by volunteering in homeless shelters where they cooked and served the hungry people who came there for a meal.  Many chapters promoted www.freerice.com to help those in other countries as well.  To everyone who participated and worked hard to accomplish our goal, THANK YOU!  You truly showed leadership and commitment to service by providing for those in need.  We are very proud of the work that you have done to help fight hunger.

The UCO Chapter's Donations
UCO Officers collecting donations.
The JMU Chapter's Donations

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