A commitment to service is an important part of being a SAL member. Each one of our chapters involves our members in several activities to serve others both in their local communities and on a National level. Our members contribute generously of their time and their talents to make a difference in their world. Part of our mission at SAL is to lead through service to others. As such, Sigma Alpha Lambda is a proud supporter of the President’s Volunteer Service Awards, and their goal of having 1,000,000 young Americans provide 100 hours of service each! Thats one hundred million hours spent helping others. Imagine what a difference that could make!

There are three levels of awards for young adults who have volunteered the following hours in a 12-month period:

Bronze: 100-174 hours                Silver: 175-249 hours                Gold: 250 or more hours

Last year, SAL helped many of our members to work towards an award. We provided opportunites and ideas for ways to volunteer, helped to keep track of hours, and verified volunteer hours. 30 of our members completed enough hours to win a Volunteer Service Award. Below are the SAL winners of the 2011 President’s Volunteer Service Awards. Congratulations and thank you for serving your community!

Gold Level:
Bryan Howard
Sarah Waggoner
Emily Lootens
Lindsay McMahon
Zach Rowell
Jennifer Glynn
Brittney Silver

Silver Level:
Terry Peoples
Jared Regier
Adekemi Ebo

Bronze Level:
Ashley Ruesgen
Megan Kelly
Roy Johnson
Victoria Costa
Lisa Grey
Steph Free
Mia Manakul
Jodi Wilhelm
An Nguyen
Sheheryar Jamali
Kathleen Del Lago
Cathleen Sensabaugh
Christina Hopson
David Mack
Jillian Ferraro
Mike Harowics
Andre Williams
Amanda Williams
Nick King
Rachel Jansen

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