2017 Food Fight Against Hunger!

The focal point of SAL’s first semester is our national Food Fight Against Hunger. SAL chapters across the country compete to see who can collect the most non-perishable food items which are donated to a local food bank. This project is a great way to serve the people in your own community. Think those around you aren’t starving? Think again. In a survey by the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, 20% of students at four year universities faced food insecurity. What is hunger and what can you easily do to help?

The hunger SAL is fighting to end is chronic. These are the people around you who are not receiving proper nutrition or enough calories to be healthy. They are unsure where the next meal will come from or if it will come at all. They can’t afford a campus meal plan or takeout from a local restaurant. Many facing chronic hunger are children who have no control over their circumstance, but you can help them feel the pains of hunger less often.

The first step a SAL member can take is to join the Food Fight Against Hunger. Your chapter president will be working on events to collect as many items as possible. This may include bringing them to a chapter meeting, tabling outside of a grocery store near campus, holding a percentage night to fundraise for your local food bank, or hosting a movie night where the admission cost is a number of food items. Ask how you can assist your chapter officers in this endeavor. The more people who commit to helping, the bigger your impact on campus and in your community will be.

If you want to take the fight against hunger to the next level, there are many ways to use your passion and talents. Do you like to cook? Find a soup kitchen by clicking here and volunteer to cook meals to guests. If driving is your thing, click here to visit Meals on Wheels and see how you can deliver meals to senior citizens. Are you trying to earn the President’s Volunteer Service Award? You can regularly volunteer at your local food bank (click here to locate one near you). You may be asked to help screen applicants, sort items, or bag well-balanced meals for individuals and families. If you enjoy organizing and entrepreneurship, you could start a campus food pantry at your school.

There is no one way to end hunger, but every person can do one thing to fight it. Let SAL know what you are doing to stop hunger in your area. Email cwofford@salhonors.org with your description and pictures, and you could end up featured in our newsletter, social media, or website! Below are the totals our chapter have collected so far this semester, and be sure to check back here over the next few weeks to see where your chapter stands as updated totals continue to be reported!

Small Chapter Category (less than 150 members)
Indiana State University – 426 items
Purdue University – 314 items
East Carolina University – 151 items
Boston University – 103 items
University of Wisconsin Whitewater – 89 items
Virginia Tech – 81 items

Medium Chapter Category (150-250 members)
New Mexico State University – 1028 items
University of North Carolina Greensboro – 397 items
Kansas State University – 49 items
University of Alabama Birmingham – 46 items
Texas A&M University – 30 items
Binghamton University – 29 items
James Madison University – 20 items
University of Louisville – 8 items

Large Chapter Category (over 250 members)
University of Louisiana Lafayette – 143 items
Colorado State University – 135 items
Rowan University – 81 items
Clemson University – 30 items

Fundraising Category
Indiana State University – $586.21
Florida International University – $145
East Carolina University – $84
University of North Carolina Greensboro – $55
Eastern Michigan University – $20