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SAL Spirit Day

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This year’s SAL Spirit Day campaign was one of our best yet, with everyone from SAL members to the national office celebrating the event! Members from across the country donned their SAL gear with pride, sharing photos of themselves on … Continue reading

9-11 Flag Memorial


First starting as an event at a single chapter, the 9-11 Flag Memorial event has blossomed into a fall tradition for Sigma Alpha Lambda. This year, SAL members from across the country worked to create beautiful memorials on their respective … Continue reading

SAL Rival Season

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This October will mark the beginning of SAL Rival Season, a new addition to Sigma Alpha Lambda’s Food Fight Against Hunger initiative that will take the competition to another level. In SAL Rival Season, SAL chapters will be matched up … Continue reading

2018 Food Fight Against Hunger

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First kicking off in 2010, Food Fight Against Hunger is a competition that unites Sigma Alpha Lambda chapters from across the country in a mission to fight back against hunger. Over the course of several months, SAL chapters compete to … Continue reading