Welcome Back to SAL, Valdosta!

We are pleased to welcome back our SAL chapter at Valdosta State University after a multiyear hiatus. Located in Valdosta, Georgia, the university is home to approximately 11,000 students.

Four of these students are banding together to re-establish the SAL chapter on their campus. Za’Nada James serves as the chapter president, with Cydney Daquila as vice president, Veronika Garza as secretary, and Maya Slater as historian. The idea of founding a new organization on their campus appealed to these leaders.

Our chapter president is a member of several other campus organizations. She hopes that these connections will allow her to establish partnerships for SAL activities, to increase their impact in service, achievement, and leadership. Her experiences have allowed James to practice “teamwork and communication, which are valuable in any leadership position.”

Participating in a few recruitment events on campus showed the chapter officers the wisdom of this kind of collaboration. They made connections with other honors groups and plan to attend some of their meetings to observe their best practices. Chapter vice president Daquila hopes that these partnerships “will not only help us grow our chapter, but aid in achieving a wider prospective on how we can make our chapter better and find new ideas to implement on all levels.”

The chapter has big plans for this semester and beyond. They hope to hold “three to four service events, host a leadership seminar, and plan five social events on campus every semester.” James is up for the challenge. She wants her chapter to know that she is “extremely excited to get things moving!”

We look forward to watching this chapter grow and succeed. Welcome back, SAL Valdosta!