Kick-Off Interest Meeting

Our new chapter at the University of Southern Mississippi recently held an official kick-off meeting for new members that also served as an informational meeting for other students interested in joining SAL.

At the meeting, the officers introduced themselves to everyone and told them a little about themselves and why they joined SAL. Afterward, they all played an icebreaker game so that everyone could get to know each other and interact. Then, there was a brief power point about SAL and each officer gave more details about the organization. There was a discussion time to answer questions from those who attended and, of course, refreshments were served!

Chapter Historian Deidrea Bailey said of the meeting, “The kickoff meeting was the biggest and most exciting meeting of the school semester because not only did we encourage USM students to join, but it gave us insight into how important it was to be a part of such a great organization. The results that were achieved during this activity were new people wanting to join SAL and informing people more about who we are as an organization. After the activity was over, participants and members got to interact and socialize with others. Overall, students were enthusiastic about wanting to be leaders and be an example to others as well.”

To learn more about the University of Southern Mississippi Chapter, click here.

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