Feeding America

SAL members and officers joined other Feeding America volunteers in organizing food to be distributed to families in need throughout the Tampa Bay area!

At the warehouse where Feeding America receives donations from CVS, Walmart, Publix, and other retailers, volunteers organized the food into different categories such as hygiene items, canned vegetables, breakfast food, paper products, etc. They also had to determine which items were not able to be donated, such as damaged goods, vitamins, or any products with active ingredients. In just three hours, 30 volunteers sorted through over 7,000 pounds of food!

Alexa Mitsuda, the Vice President of Community Service for SAL’s USF Chapter, explained, “The activity was definitely hard work. Volunteers had to handle heavy food and boxes–some that weighed almost 50 pounds. We were also constantly asking questions about which items would be used and which had to be discarded. Although it was very tiring, dedicating a few hours to help the full-time volunteers of Feeding America who devote their entire week to this organization was very rewarding. It was also very humbling knowing that we were helping families who would otherwise not have access to these items without Feeding America and other large corporations’ support.”

To learn more about the University of South Florida Chapter, click here.

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