Volunteering at The Humane Society

Members of SAL’s University of Florida Chapter took some time to help out at the local Humane Society and give some support to the regular volunteers.

Half of the participating members swept and mopped the lobby and cat room and then cleaned the bunny cages and the hallways leading to two dog kennels. The other members organized their “events” shed which contained signs and costumes for holidays and special events.

Chapter Vice President of Community Service Alexa Mitsuda shared how the project impacted her and the other members. “The activity gave us a perspective into how hard the full-time volunteers work everyday to keep the facility clean and welcoming. We also saw how passionate the volunteers were about the animals they had there and protecting all endangered animals in Tampa Bay. Each volunteer treats the animals as if they were their own pets. The love and devotion the volunteers have for the animals can be felt by anyone the moment you walk through the lobby doors.”

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