Garbage for Gobstoppers

SAL encourages members to not just serve the community, but to find ways to make a difference on campus, too. The University of North Carolina Wilmington Chapter did just that with their creative campus cleanup. Members split into groups to go on a scavenger hunt-style trash cleanup all over campus. 

Each group had a list of things to find such as “something broken” or “something blue” that they could pick up. After 30 minutes, they teams came together and compared their findings. The winning team had picked up over 65 items of trash! They won a bag of Halloween candy.

The event was a great way for members to clean up their campus while getting to know each other a little more and having fun.

To find out more about the University of North Carolina Wilmington Chapter, click here.


023 (Small)
008 (Small)
009 (Small)
010 (Small)
013 (Small)
014 (Small)
015 (Small)
018 (Small)

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