Wellness Workshop

UMD SAL chapter members attended a virtual Wellness Workshops offered by the University of Maryland Counseling Center via Zoom.
Members were given the option to attend one of three different Wellness Workshops spread throughout the week depending on their availability. Chosen workshops were either relevant to Sigma Alpha Lambda pillars or germane to the student experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The workshops included the following: Navigating Uncertainty, Pay Attention! Tips to Improve Focus, and Tackling Life Transitions. Cameras of the members were on and they were able to interact with their peers and the representative from the counseling center by verbally answering questions or typing comments in the chat Zoom feature. Members were able to share their experience with attention in this virtual world and had their experiences validated by others.

The counseling center representative provided physical wellness recommendations, tips for avoiding distractions during virtual lectures, as well as resources that the counseling center offered in regard to mental health.

Taking care of your mental health is so important. We’re proud to see our members actively learning new mental health care strategies. Way to go, UMD!

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