Ronald McDonald House Family Meal Program

The University of Iowa Chapter recently volunteered their time and some funds at the local Ronald McDonald House. SAL officers and members gathered to participate in the Family Meal Program, a program in which different organizations around the Iowa City area prepare a meal for the families who are staying in the Ronald McDonald House during the time their child is admitted at the hospital. The University of Iowa chapter graciously decided to use money from their own SAL funds to work together and prepare pasta and dessert for the families on-site and allow for them to help themselves to it.

The officers and members of SAL were able to work as a team, giving them a sense of unity as they all worked toward a good cause. Along with the families that they cooked a meal for, this service also greatly benefited the participating SAL members and allowed them to interact and bond. Due to their cohesiveness and ability to work well together as a team they were able to prepare a quality meal faster than what they expected and they reported that the families seemed very appreciative and comforted by their service.

Great job, University of Iowa Chapter, and keep up the incredible service work!

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