University of Central Oklahoma SAL members showed their school spirit during Homecoming Week.  SAL members decorated an antique fire truck that they rode in during the homecoming parade.  This year, SAL was promoted in an extra special way during the week.  UCO’s SAL president, Jenifer Fuller, was a homecoming court candidate.  Members helped to promote her by passing out flyers and posting yard signs with Sigma Alpha Lambda on them.   During  all homecoming events, Jenifer was able to represent Sigma Alpha Lambda to her university. 

“It was exciting for me to represent SAL on the homecoming court,” Jenifer said.  “I found that students were excited to find out that there was a candidate that represented any organization based on academics, leadership, and service, as opposed to mainly social organizations.  This experience pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I have grown from the experience and I believe Sigma Alpha Lambda will grow from it as well!

For more information on the University of Central Oklahoma Chapter, visit their web page.

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