Firefighters Dinner

Serving others in the community is an important part of what SAL does. The members at the University of Central Oklahoma cooked a meal for local firefighters as a way to give back to the men and women who do so much to help the community. Members bought food and cooked a meal of pasta, salad and brownie sundaes at the station.

The firefighters were very appreciative to the members and talked with them about school, careers, and about the duties and experiences of being a firefighter while the members cooked. Members were assigned to specific duties in preparing the meal. Once it was ready, they sat down with the firefighters to enjoy the meal together.

Afterward, the firefighters gave the members a tour of the station. The members enjoyed this chance to give back while getting to see what life is like for a firefighter. They were able to get to know the firefighters as well as other SAL members at this event. The firefighters were very thankful to SAL for cooking for them and spending time with them.

For more information on the UCO chapter, click here.

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