Keep Riverside Beautiful

Keep Riverside Beautiful is an organization dedicated to the beautification of the Riverside area through litter prevention, graffiti eradication and planting trees and flowers. Each month they offer opportunities for volunteers to help make a difference in the community. The SAL chapter at the University of California Riverside partnered with them one Saturday morning. They worked with Latinic Societas Unitas, another UCR group, to clean up litter.

The group was assigned a street and spent the morning picking up litter. This was a great way for the group to get to know each other and meet new people from UCR and the community. Laura Soto, chapter Secretary said, “This was our first community service event of the quarter and it was a great
success.  We really enjoyed our time and as a team, accomplished our tasks.  We met some wonderful people from our campus that were also there to help out the community.”

For more information on the UCR chapter, click here.

To learn more about Keep Riverside Beautiful, visit their website.

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