Blood Drive

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sigma Alpha Lambda’s University of Arizona chapter organized a blood drive with the American Red Cross to help meet donation demands.

Sigma Alpha Lambda’s Arizona chapter president, Vanessa Paravati, reminded her chapter members about “the importance of doing what we can as a SAL chapter to help others in a safe and effective way.” The University of Arizona SAL chapter “aspires to turn compassion into action in whatever ways we can,” according to Paravati. “Additionally, the American Red Cross has been doing a great deal helping to provide and adapt to the needs of the COVID19 pandemic.”

The Arizona chapter also created a GoFundMe account to support their fundraiser. This allowed them to share their cause with other members, family, and friends while maintaining the CDC’s recommended social distancing guidelines.

Sigma Alpha Lambda is proud of the University of Arizona chapter’s service, achievement, and leadership during these difficult times. To learn more about our Arizona chapter, click here.