Bobcat Build

SAL members at Texas State University recently participated in this year’s Bobcat Build–a year of planning by the Bobcat Build Organization culminating in a day of service by the students of Texas State!

All 4000+ participating students met for free breakfast and a panoramic photo. Then, the students picked up any tools needed and were sent to 250+ different job sites where they performed various types of community service dependent upon what was needed. For example, an elderly woman may need help with her garden bed and tidying up her yard.

Chapter President Irene Sauceda summarized, “This event was great! SAL teamed up with Phi Beta Chi to make sure our job site was as clean as could be, while making a good time of it by making friends and chatting with the home owner who was also helping out. By the end, we had at least 15 bags full of leaves, brush, and weeds. It was a great day full of fun and hard work!”

To learn more about the Texas State University Chapter, click here.


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