SAL chapters have been busy making their mark on Halloween this year!  From zoos to campus events to social outings, members had plenty of opportunities to enjoy the festivities and bring out the kid inside!

California State University Fresno members, the University of Central Oklahoma Chapter, and University of Akron members all volunteered at events in their local zoos, where kids in costume can come with their parents to trick-or-treat and participate in fun games and activities.  Rowan University SAL members volunteered with their school’s Haunted Student Center.  Children in the area were able to trick-or-treat in different rooms of the center.  SAL chose to decorate their room in an Alice in Wonderland theme with members dressed up as characters.  Eastern Washington University members also volunteered at their school’s Harvest Fest, helping children to trick-or-treat around the campus and then escorting them to a carnival at the school.

Chapters are also taking advantage of this fun holiday as a time to get to know each other better.  James Madison University’s SAL officers drove their members to a local pumpkin patch.  Members enjoyed a corn maze, went down slides, and picked out pumpkins.  Members at Illinois State University had fun decorating pumpkins at their SAL chapter’s Halloween social event.  Many members had a great time celebrating and serving this October!

JMU Pumpkin Patch
UAkron (Medium)
20131025_161422 (Medium)

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