More Social Events

The James Madison University Chapter loves to have fun together! In addition to the service projects they do, they plan lots fun social activities to bring the group together.

Reddish Knob

On almost every JMU student’s list of things to do before they graduate is visit Reddish Knob, a mountaintop near campus. Students and organizations are allowed to paint on the pavement as a reminder of their trip to the top. Members added SAL’s touch to the mix of other organization names written on the pavement. The group had a great time hiking to the top and watching the sunset.

Egg Dyeing

Close to Easter, the group got together to dye eggs. They came up with colorful and creative ways to dye the eggs, even including SAL in the designs! They baked chocolate chip cookies while they got to know each other at this fun event.

Senior Cook-Out

As a way to say good-bye to graduating seniors and take a break from studying for finals, the group got together for a cook-out. They enjoyed hot dogs, hamburgers and desserts and participated in games and dancing. Before the fun was over, the graduating seniors signed the chapter book they had signed when they were initiated into the organization.

To learn more about the James Madison University Chapter, click here.

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