Arboretum Cleanup

The James Madison University Chapter spent a recent Saturday helping to clean up the local Arboretum, which had been affected by the heavy rain that hit the east coast.

Some locations on and around James Madison University’s campus flooded one day from an unexpected rainfall. Because of the flooding, debris was spread out all over the local Arboretum. A group of members volunteered one morning to help clean the debris in order to help the Arboretum return to its original, beautiful state.

They focused on removing large sticks and branches from the area, as well as picking up trash that had found its way onto the grounds. They collected soil from areas that had more than others and spread it out in other places around the Arboretum where soil got washed out. The remaining soil was sent to the local compost.

Vice President of Community Service Caitlyn Ritter summarized: “It was a great opportunity to give back to the community and to a facility that is cherished by so many.” Way to go, JMU members!

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