Fall Family Weekend

SAL’s Georgia Southern University Chapter recently participated in the Fall Family Weekend on their campus. The activities that the chapter arranged for the event related to the three main components of SAL: Service, Achievement and Leadership.

For the service component, they had written had random acts of kindness on small pieces of paper and handed them out to people, encouraging them to do those random acts of kindness within the week. For the component of leadership, they played a game of Taboo, allowing people to try their hand at being effective communicators within the defined constraints to depict those times in leadership when we need to communicate but still have restrictions on how we govern our communication as leaders. The achievement activity focused on children, allowing them to get creative and color the Sigma Alpha Lambda letters.

Chapter President Dylan John summarized: “We had a lot of active participation from parents, students and young children. It was a great event and a fun activity as we were able to engage many parents and students so that we could tell them about Sigma Alpha Lambda and the opportunities that were available through the honor society.”

To learn more about the Georgia Southern University Chapter, click here.

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